Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Lining

A Faster And Cleaner Process Than Conventional Pipe Replacement      

Cost Effective 30%-50% Less Than Pipe Replacement    

Applied With No Disruption To Your Lifestyle

Non Toxic (No Solvents Used In The Process)

50-75   Years   Life   Span                                             

Epoxy Coating Is NSF 61 Approved (Safest Drinking Water) 
FDA Approved for all drinking water. (NSF-61) standards we can undertake the restoration of pipe sizes ½” up to 60” both vertical and horizontal up to 700’ in length at one time.

Cast Iron, Black Iron, Cement, Steel, Copper, Brass Galvanized, Ductile Iron and Wood

Revolutionary Epoxy Pipe Lining System


We have a revolutionary new procedure to restore corroded pipe systems in water, HVAC, sewer, drain and waste lines.

Corrosion of water lines introduces impurities into drinking water; this corrosion process is called Tuberculation. Tuberculation consists of lead and other potential harmful elements that build up in your CHT systems (Collection, holding, and transfer system).
The Build up in pipelines obstructs water flow and result in the gradual deterioration of the piping system and the overall water quality.
Over time as much as 75% of the pipes original flow capacity can be lost as a result of internal pipe corrosion.
The effects of this natural corrosion process are colored, bad tasting water, poor flow, loss of heat transfer and pinhole leaks. This is not only unhealthy but, it is also expensive due to more water and power usage.
The EPA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have conveyed a growing concern of the effects of potentially harmful elements in the water.
High levels of lead and copper steadily consumed in your drinking water is not safe and mainly effects infants, children and pregnant women.

Our epoxy spray Lining System will provide a protective barrier between the pipe and water.
This barrier prevents these harmful elements from leaching onto the pipes.
We use a chemically resistant nontoxic epoxy lining “NSF-61” (safest epoxy for drinking water). This lining and its ingredients are FDA approved for both hot and cold drinking water applications. This epoxy lining is so safe that it is commonly used in canned foods and canned beverages.


Our epoxy spray pipe lining system is used on hot and cold potable water systems, HVAC lines (chill water, condenser water as well as heating systems and cooling towers).

The System is also used in sewer, sanitation, drain lines, waste lines, house tanks, holding tanks and other water conveying systems.

We have epoxy resin for many different systems.
We also use the newest technology as well as the latest advancements in equipment and plumbing techniques.
Our epoxy upgrades your water delivery system to create a corrosion resistant wear barrier on the inside of your existing pipe.
Our non-invasive system can save up to 50% over the cost of pipe replacement and can be an excellent alternative to a traditional pipe replacement, offering savings in time, money and inconvenience to property managers/owners and residents in their buildings.
Our new system is not only cost efficient, but it also saves time compared to pipe replacement.

Pipe lining is available to residential, commercial, and industrial property owners, who have water and sewer pipe problems for either complete or partial re-piping.

The epoxy will solve most problems immediately and prevent problems caused by corrosion. Epoxy also provides a barrier between the pipe walls and corrosive elements, filling in all pinhole leaks.

Our Epoxy Pipe Lining System will fix pipe problems without having to open walls, dig up floors, parking lots and side walks in order to remove old pipe and install new pipe.
Pipes can be repaired while still in the walls, ceilings and under slabs. 

Diagram of Cleaning System

Our technology is a fast, versatile solution for a wide variety of pipe performance problems, in both metallic and non-metallic pipes.  

We can address challenges that exist in:
• Sewer mains
• Sewer laterals

• Manholes
• Water pipe

• Steam pipe

• Oil pipe

• Gas pipe

• Chemical pipe

• High-heat service pipe

Our system brings an outstanding level of performance to in-situ coating. The nozzle spins at 25,000 RPM, producing a very high degree of atomization of the resin, resulting in high velocity application and good impact adhesion to the substrate.
Our technology provides high efficiency production in corrosion resistant, heat curable, high modulus epoxy resin for cured-in-place pipe renewal.  

The advantages of our technology:
• Effective in pipe 1/2” to 60”
• Compact, mobile technology
• Internal corrosion protection with 50-75 year design life
• Variety of epoxies available to match specific project requirements
• Extremely competitive with traditional lining systems
• Minimal excavation required
• Environmentally friendly
• Curing times as low as 30 minutes     

Environment friendly

• No-dig solutions
• Does not introduce heated, resin-laden water into the sewer system and groundwater, as is the case with traditional hot water-cured liner systems
• Saves water - does not use massive quantities of water required by hot water curing systems  

Neighborhood friendly

• Quiet
• Less odor
• Less traffic disruption and less impact on area residents
• Installation processes are faster than older liner systems  

Lasting advantages

• The ideal choice for urban and suburban residential areas
• Suitable for use in nature preserve areas or wherever water potability is an issue
• Indicated where quality and a lasting solution are required.

Choose us for your pipe renewal project, and reap the rewards of the latest materials, most advanced processes and most highly skilled people available for your project.
Accretions in the pipes are removed by flowing abrasives such as quartz, sand, glass or similar material via pressure and vacuum then coated inside by a propriety liquid coating system.
This system can be used for installed or non-installed pipes.
Our System delivers air at volume and speed which transports the epoxy through the pipe quickly and evenly.  
Camera inspection and pressure tests are performed before and after renovation.

Call, write or email us for more information about how our advanced renovation technologies can benefit your pipe system.